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Did you ever think about where your energy comes from?

Conjoule connects private energy producers with local energy consumers.

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Our first service is a local energy marketplace that lets Providing Homes (homes producing renewable energy) sell their surplus energy directly to local homes and organizations. 

This marketplace offers people more control and transparency over their energy while keeping the value of energy produced closer to home. We hope to strengthen communities by connecting them through energy. 

This is our first step in many to transform communities and our relationship with energy through technology.  


In our pilot projects via our digital platform we connect privately owned photovoltaic systems with local consumers. The test areas are Essen Kettwig and Mülheim in Germany. The project is running since October 2016.

Kettwig is the largest and southernmost borough of the city of Essen, situated directly at the river Ruhr. Kettwig is mostly coined by residential areas as well as local recreation areas, e.g. the Kettwig lake. The borough has approximately 17.700 inhabitants.

Mülheim is a city in the western Ruhr area. With around 200.000 inhabitants it belongs to the metropole area Rhine Ruhr and forms its centre surrounded by Duisburg, Essen and Oberhausen.

Amongst the first larger energy consumer for the pilot, there are a school, the Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium, and a water company, RWW Rheinisch-Westfälische Wasserwerksgesellschaft. The prosumers can choose freely, which consumer they want to supply with their surplus generated energy.


Solar energy for bright minds

Europaschule Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium

The Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium is a all-day school in one big school building. Round about 760 pupils, 60 teachers and 20 additional members of staff live, learn and work under one roof. The social life is highly valued and is being promoted especially by the school’s curriculum. The school also supports various social projects.


Solar power becomes drinking water

Westfälische Wasserwerksgesellschaft (RWW)

RWW is one of the biggest water utilities in Germany. The company runs nine water works and supplies more than 3,000 km pipeline and 135,000 customers and industrial units in the western Ruhr area with drinking and raw water.

Here you find the Website of THG.

Here you find the Website of RWW.


As an owner of a photovoltaic rooftop installation you can decide yourself who you are supplying with your energy. Just register for our platform and choose your preferred regional consumer. Among the buyers you find local companies and public institutions like schools, water companies or supermarkets. Since we can save on energy transport cost with our model, Conjoule can offer you more than the regular feed-in tariff for your energy.

You choose, which consumer you want to supply with your energy.

You offer local companies and public institutions an environmental friendly energy source.

You can analyse the performance of your photovoltaic system on a regular basis.

You support the development of local structures and contribute to grid efficiency.


Do you want to offer the energy from the solar panels on your roof to your local community? 

Do you live in Essen or Müllheim? 

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Conjoule GmbH, was founded in 2017 to create a whole new digital, democratised approach for how we all exchange energy. We believe the future of energy is shared, and we are here to build it. 

We push at the edge of what is technologically possible to break down barriers to choice, freedom, and transparency for our customers. We are focused on their needs first as we build a flexible renewable energy marketplace for them. Our aim is to offer everyone local, clean energy; to offer people greater community, value and personal ownership; and to open a whole new way to think and feel about the role of energy in our lives.

The Conjoule team includes leading tech, energy, and blockchain experts and engineers. To find out more about our unique approach and energy solutions, please email us at . 

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